Why You Need To Diversify Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Posted on Thursday January 09, 2020

There are so many tools and services available nowadays that it’s common to field questions of frustration and confusion about which service does what, how much to spend, and where.

Hopefully this will shed some light on some of the more widely used services and how they can benefit your business. While each platform provides their own benefits, some may not apply to your business while others could be a perfect fit.


Whether you’re browsing MSN, or The Weather Network, you will likely see dozens, if not hundreds of banner ads throughout your day. These are likely being served on the Display Network, otherwise known as Doubleclick, or Display Video 360.

These banners are designed for building brand awareness, and keeping your business at top-of-mind for potential consumers and existing ones alike. They don’t typically have high engagement rates, but that’s not their sole purpose. One of the biggest benefits however to a banner ad as opposed to a billboard or bus stop sign, is that digital Display banners are highly trackable. Not only can you specify the exact number of individuals who saw your ad, but with more advanced tracking setup, you can directly attribute those ads to sales. 


The most widely used website in the world (that isn’t a search engine!) generates ads in a very unique way. It takes a user’s information, pools them together with groups of others who have similar interests and then serves highly targeted ads to that pool of users. Everyone has witnessed the time Facebook served an ad for something that was VERY specific to them, and were concerned about their privacy. This has nothing to do about you, individually, it’s more to do with the much larger pool of individuals that you fall within. 

Facebook’s ultimate goal is to serve ads to the most qualified, relevant people possible. In order to do this, advertisers use as much data as they can to pinpoint who these people are, or who they MIGHT be. 

Take advantage of this platform, no matter the size, but take advantage of its tools to the fullest potential in order to target the most relevant users.

Search (Google Ads and/or Bing Ads)

The word Google has become synonymous with the term Search. There’s a reason it’s still the number one website and search engine in the world, and it’s the quality of search results that it provides. 

That being said, Google is very different to both Display and Facebook, in that it relies on user input to generate search results, whether they are paid OR organic. 

The skill level involved with creating and managing Search campaigns can be daunting at first, but the potential benefits are substantial. Since the placement of Paid results take precedence over Organic, ‘Being #1’ is a sought after goal, which can be a lucrative one with a highly knowledgeable digital marketer at the helm.


Widely used by the Business 2 Business industry, LinkedIn certainly offers something the other tools don’t. That being a very specific, albeit powerful group of individuals. The ad platform carries a higher cost than the other tools, but if done correctly, with the right targeting and ad copy, it can produce good results.

News Feed ads especially, fit right into what you would normally view on a daily basis. All levels of an organization can be targeted, from the frontline CSR, to higher level decision makers, all the way to top executives, each with customized messaging.

This is a another very outbound-focused platform, with a higher cost, focusing on B2B, so while it’s very niche, it can be the perfect fit for many organizations.


These are but a few of the many tools available for pushing your digital marketing efforts to the next level, but they should cover nearly everything you need. Budget levels are always difficult to estimate, but with each of these tools, starting at what you feel comfortable with is always the best place to start.

Ramping up, especially when utilizing multiple platforms, is not only possible but very easy to implement so no one should feel pressured to only get results if a certain minimum threshold is met.

Get in touch with us today if you want to talk about how expanding your digital advertising efforts can lead to increased revenue.