Start Taking Total Control Of Your Website

Posted on Saturday January 18, 2020

Long gone are the days of managing HTML pages one by one, uploading to an FTP site, testing it out only to find your images are a few pixels too wide and starting all over again.

These days, the Content Management System (otherwise known as CMS) is a staple for nearly all modern websites. There are dozens of highly popular services available, such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Drupal, just to name a few.

Each service has their own unique spin on the idea behind a CMS. The main concept  however, is to allow for modular design and structure. Prior to a CMS, when you wanted to make a website-wide revision (i.e. changing your phone number, or adding a new page in the navigation bar) it would have to be made on every page, or in an external file that had to be tested thoroughly. With a CMS however, that change can typically be made in a very easy-to-use visual editor, with the revisions being reflected on the website immediately. 

Many CMS products provide clients with tools very similar to those they are already familiar with. For example, editing content is often done within windows that replicate Microsoft Word, allowing for the inherent flexibility and comfort level that comes with it.

In addition to these user-friendly text editors, images and other media are often easily manageable through drag and drop tools allowing for easy resizing and manipulation. 

While there are a number of free CMS products available, they each come with their own caveats. These include a variety of potential issues and/or hidden costs:

Popular CMS products can be targets for hacking, especially without proper security implementation. 

Domain and Hosting costs are not included.

Troubleshooting is heavily dependant on the client's technical knowledge.

Any updates and use of third party tools/add-ons is entirely managed by the client.

If you are comfortable setting up, managing and maintaining your own CMS and backend, this is a great and inexpensive way to get your website online. If you lack the time or knowledge however, there are other ways to achieve your desired result. 

By using an agency, you are provided with the benefits of a CMS however, in addition to that, the peace of mind that your website is secure and will be maintained. Agencies will have very solid structures built to handle a scalable number of clients, as well as website visitors. 

The cost associated with these services can range, however they are typically dependant on the services required. If your business already has a successful website, but you seek hosting and security measures to be implemented, the cost of services would be less than designing and developing a fully realized online presence. 

It's certainly worthwhile as the benefits will outweigh the cost, both long AND short term. 

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