Best Way To Generate Facebook Leads

Posted on Saturday January 18, 2020

The cold calling, flyers, brochures and newspaper ad days are behind us now. For any business these days, adapting to the digital marketing world is crucial for success.

While anyone can use Facebook and chat about their latest promo, or great new product, there are ways that you can capture visitors who are a few steps farther along the sales process, or the sales funnel.

The first of which is Facebook Lead Forms

Everyone’s seen sponsored business posts on their Facebook News Feed. They typically link to the business’ website or their own branded Facebook page. These certainly have their own benefits, but in order to capture more than just a click or a ‘like’, incorporating a simple form into an ad will transform that click or like into a significant, qualified lead.

This lead could be anything from a contest entry, a newsletter signup, or just a request for more information.

These can be setup as a standalone campaign, utilizing your existing geographic targets, previous website visitors, previous Facebook visitors, interests, or many other demographics.

You’re also not limited to one or two questions, although the more questions asked, expect a lower conversion rate. People don’t mind divulging some information, but their patience will quickly run thin.

These forms are certainly not limited to any specific industry. Whether you sell flowers, clothing, or even cars at a dealership, they can work wonders. 

Another method of capturing a user’s attention is by taking advantage of Facebook Messenger

Messenger has become such an integral part of Facebook that the tools available within it have grown significantly. 

Not only can potential customers strike up conversations in real-time, but you can also qualify them before a salesman or staff member engages with them.

By utilizing built-in tools, you can field questions to the user and get some useful information from them before dedicating the time and effort to move along with the potential sale.

The cost per ‘conversation started’ has proven to be extremely affordable, and for relationship building, there is nothing better.


By utilizing one or both of these Lead Generation strategies, your business will be transformed into an inbound marketing machine. 

Buy-in for these tools is minimal, and similar to other Facebook Ad types, they can be revised at any time in order to stay on top of current market trends and any time-sensitive promotions that may arise.

Get in touch with us today if you want to take a deeper dive into how an effective lead generation system can help increase your revenue.